Our Story

Our Story

Our Story

Today, we live in a society where exploitation of resources is normalized and consumption doesn’t stem from need but greed. Even though we often forget, as humans we are responsible for our actions and the consequent impact it has on our planet. Mindless consumerism affects all living beings. But it doesn’t have to be this way. 


As the most aware species on this planet, we hold the power to make conscious and sustainable choices. 

A look at traditional economics propounds the idea of maximizing personal gains. On the other hand, Buddhist economics advocates consumption that minimizes suffering for all living things. This also culminates in a kaleidoscopic shift towards a more sustainable, small-scale, and locally adaptive economic ecosystem. 


Arising from the concept of “non-self” or Anatta, the belief is that everything perceivable by one’s senses does not belong to “me”, “I”, and is not “mine”. The impermanent nature of life is such that as humans, we must disengage ourselves from the material world to be able to live a happy and wholesome life. 


Buddhist economists impart that leaving aside the basic necessities, materialistic wants should be curtailed. Overall wellness diminishes if one leans towards heedless choices and desires. Detaching from our wants and desires, will positively affect us as individuals, the community we live in, and Earth – our home.

Ingraining this wisdom into our daily life has given us the clarity to explore consumption as a mindful practice. 


At Hosh, we envision a new world where consumption and capitalism can harmonize with our lifestyles for the better; where resource exploitation can be minimized and scarcity can be reorganized to ensure abundance. 


We are of the opinion that consumerism, capitalism and consumption don’t have to be detrimental and unethical. If managed positively with the right intention and channeled efficiently, consumption can prove to be a great source of abundance for everyone. 


The choices we make are instrumental to what unfolds in the future


The way we see it, opting for the conscious choice is the only route that leads up to a sustainable future, secure future.